IXD16 Redux Sydney

What’s next for Interaction Design? The future is now! Robots, autonomous machines, AI, IoT, sensors, data, networks and intelligent systems. Here’s a whirlwind review of some of the more transformational aspects of Interaction Design in the coming years, as portrayed by a select few of the fantastic speakers at interaction16 in Helsinki earlier this month. #IXDASYD #IXD16

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Talks I haven’t mentioned in my recap, but rate highly that you should watch over at Vimeo: Marko Ahtesaari (Design, Science & Music), Joe Macleod (Closure Experiences), Simone Rebaudengo & Nicolas Nova (Smart Frictions), Josh Seiden (Learning from Live Systems), John Rousseau (Passengerhood – on the road to autonomy), Josh Clark (Magical Interfaces and the IoT)

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