Two years at Atlassian

Wow. The last two years has gone fast. It’s been an amazing journey so far, and I feel like I’ve learnt so much about software design and Agile practices. To think about the process I was using to design just two years ago it’s almost not believable.

When I first started at Atlassian 2 years ago I was placed on a team that had never had a full-time designer. I was expected to take a loose brief, go away for a while to work some magic in isolation, then return to pitch a solution I hope would gain some sort of consensus for a way forward. Developers were constantly asking when they were going to receive the designs. I never quite knew what success criteria my designs were measured against, or even when my designs were considered “done”?

After trying some things out (some successful and some unsuccessful), attending Interaction 11 was the catalyst that really going me going along the Lean UX route. It opened my eyes to the importance of sharing designs early and often, as well as the importance of collaboration within a multidisciplinary team.

Here’s to the next two years being just as good as the last!

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